Digital discounts for the Family

ALCOUPONE links companies that want to promote their products and services with potential clients through discount coupons. ALCOUPONE has a powerful backoffice that enables signed companies channel administrators to create and send coupons campaigns to the company customers. Customers receive them through their already installed AlCoupone smartphone app. ALCOUPONE serves different kind of virtual discount coupons.

Al Coupone provides a tool to create and send coupons to customers, who receive them through their Al Coupone App.

There are different kind of coupons:

  • Standard: basic coupon with discount.
  • Social: better discount if better spread.
  • Close to the shop: for people near the shop.
  • Offer: coupon with the new price.

Customers can redeem their coupons by means of a numeric identifier, a QR code or a standard bar code. ALCOUPONE allows to segment coupons receivers and reach a wider audience. Through its backoffice, ALCOUPONE is adaptable to different marketing campaigns with a complete dashboard to monitor all the running coupon campaigns. Let’s go and create as much coupons as offers you’d like to know in an Intuitive and easy-to-use smartphone app.

AlCoupone - Singular Factory
AlCoupone - Singular Factory
AlCoupone - Singular Factory

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