Automatic detection and registration video station for vehicles

ARKO station is a really minimalistic vehicle detection and registration system. It is able to detect the presence of a vehicle, record it from multiple points of view and classify its entrance or exit from a facility by means of multiple sensors and HD cameras.

This station is suitable for several business cases, like car dealerships, market places or rent a cars , where vehicles can move from and into facilities and that event needs to be registered.

All video data is uploaded to the Cloud on the system’s databases and backoffice where it can be browsed after that moment. ARKO also sends real time text messages to drivers, by using the car renting contract data when the car is detected by means of its plate. ARKO enhances vehicles's business operations reducing wait times and incidences while picking and delivering events.

ARKO - The Singular Factory
ARKO - The Singular Factory
ARKO - The Singular Factory

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