A powerful automatized solution to optimize the processes of logistics delivery

Based on our optimal routes engine, which can be scaled with new routes algorithms, this application helps the delivery team to manage and control their daily routes. With ROUTES, freight and logistics companies will be able to manage more efficiently their daily delivery tasks . ROUTES helps your company to anticipate unexpected events. For example, allowing your delivery staff to confirm the receiver's availability before wasting route time and avoiding unnecessary delays. You can communicate with the receiver and assure his availability to pick up the load, using SMS or even calling him. The Delivery Team can connect with Waze in order to follow best traffic option path, check approximate estimated time to arrive to the destiny and set the present status of the delivery to main company information systems. With a delivery team app client, ROUTES makes more easy delivery logistics. Our core objective with ROUTES is optimizing the logistic processes and our incentive: a clear impact on costs reduction for the companies.

Routes - Singular Factory
Routes - Singular Factory
Routes - Singular Factory

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